FCG Caskets and Cemetery Products in

Mission Valley, California


We don’t wish to think about funerals, caskets, cremation and urns, but at some point in our lives, we have to make those decisions for a loved one. Apart from having to contact banks and lawyers, we have so many decisions to make when a loved one passes away. Choosing a suitable final resting place is vital. If you are looking for a company that provides quality caskets and beautiful headstones, FCG Caskets will be able to provide products and services at reasonable price points for your loved one.

FCG Caskets provides funeral merchandise at wholesale pricing. You will find pricing 40-60% lower than local funeral homes and cemeteries. To provide you an idea of FCG pricing; Cemetery vaults which are required in many cemeteries sell for $750.00 and 24 x 12 x 3 headstones start at $460.00 which is the smallest flat allowed for adults. All sizes are available and we specialize in custom designed monuments as well. Finally, pre need services for cremation and burial is available to the residents of San Diego and surrounding areas.

Quality Caskets

Caskets come in many different sizes and many different materials may be used. FCG Caskets specialized in caskets, like child caskets and oversize caskets. Whatever your need may be, FCG Caskets will be able to help you find the perfect casket for a loved one.

Many people are opting for cremation, and this usually means investing in an urn. Cremation may be the more popular choice as the cost of a traditional burial is generally higher in cost. With Cremation, a loved one’s remains may also be kept in in a columbarium, inside a cemetery or even in one’s own home. The options are almost limitless and that is why FCG Caskets also specializes in wood and metal urns. The wooden urns are crafted with precision and care and families can be a part of the designing process.

Headstones and Cemetery Plaques

 At FCG Caskets, you are welcome to be part of the design process. Consultations are free of charge and together we can design the perfect headstone for a loved one. Extra accessories may be added, such as vases for flowers and Ceramic picture A consultant will be able to help you choose the correct headstone type, following cemeteries regulations. Start your memorial design here  


Funeral Pre Planning

If you are looking for the perfect way to pay respects to your loved ones by pre-planning your funeral, FCG Caskets will be able to assist you with professionalism and care. Pre-planning at any time in your life is a valuable asset. You will be able to save your remaining loved ones so much worry and stress. Did you know that family members or loved ones have to make up to 200 decisions when it comes to planning a memorial service or funeral? Imagine how much less stressed your loved ones will be if they know you have taken this burden from them. They will know that your final wishes were honored and now they can focus on grieving.

For speciality caskets and urns, headstones and pre-planning services, contact FCG Caskets at (619) 474 – 4599.