Quality Cemetery Headstones and Caskets for Chula Vista, California


The passing of someone you love is something we don’t wish to think about until it is necessary. Caskets, funerals and cremation options may be upsetting to think about before an urgent need arises and yet funeral pre planning can prove to be very valuable. If you have special needs concerning a casket, Cemetery Headstone or Cemetery Plaque for a loved one in Chula Vista, California, FCG Caskets we can assist your family with quality compassionate care and service.  Have your loved ones funeral arrangements discussed in a very sensitive manner by the professional and caring staff members at FCG Caskets serving the families of Chula Vista, California.


FCG Caskets offers quality caskets, headstones and urns at very affordable prices. FCG Caskets offers funeral merchandise at wholesale pricing. You will find pricing 40-60% lower than local funeral homes and cemeteries. To provide you an idea of our pricing; Cemetery vaults which are required in many cemeteries sell for $750.00 and 24 x 12 x 3 headstones start at $460.00 which is the smallest flat allowed for adults. All sizes are available and we specialize in custom designed monuments as well.

FCG Caskets will help you to  create a long-lasting memorial for your loved ones or for yourself. Apart from creating a personalized tribute, families can choose between a variety of materials for headstones and plaques including granite and bronze. Different colors are also available, as well as personalized designs. 

Beautiful Affordable Urns

Many people are cautious where cremation is concerned, but it has become an increasingly popular choice today. Since cremation is on the rise, FCG Caskets also have a wide variety of urns to protect your loved one’s remains for ever. You will be able to choose between engraved metal, marble and beautifully crafted wood urns. You can now also get an urn for a pet’s remains in any of the above-mentioned materials.

Funeral Pre-Planning Too

FCG Caskets also offers pre-planning services.  Any time is a good time to start pre-planning your funeral, except the day of the funeral. Consultations are completely free of charge and one can expect to be treated with care, compassion and patience. Funeral Pre Planning takes a lot of unnecessary stress, worry and decision making away from your loved ones during a very difficult time for them. Payment options are also available and so financial stress will also be minimized for your family members and loved ones left behind. Don’t leave your family with difficult decisions, invest in pre-planning with FCG Caskets now and leave behind the legacy you wish.

Monument Restoration Services

Memorial restoration is just one of the many services that you will find at FCG Caskets. Take care of a loved one’s headstone by contacting FCG Caskets on (619) 474-4599 to get a free quote and consultation for the restoration of a headstone or marker in the Chula Vista or San Diego County area. You can now provide maintenance and care for headstones and markers to keep them in perfect condition.

FCG Caskets knows that making decisions during a time of loss can be very stressful and even cause family disagreements. Speak to the experts at FCG Caskets whether you wish to pre-plan, choose a casket, urn, headstonen or plan a loved one’s funeral today.